Saturday, February 21, 2009

Luke Williams Executed

Eighteen years is too long to wait.

EVANS, Ga. - A Columbia County man convicted of killing his wife and son almost 18 years ago to collect insurance money was executed Friday.

Luke Williams was put to death by lethal injection.
The 56-year-old made no final statement and kept his eyes closed as the drugs were administered.

It's the final chapter in a double-murder case that has tormented the victims' family.

Williams was convicted of killing 39-year-old wife Linda
Williams and 12-year-old son Shaun in June 1991.

Dora Azrak is the mother and grandmother of Williams’ victims.

She said from the moment she heard the news of her daughter’s death she knew who was responsible.

“I said Luke killed her. Call the police and tell them Luke killed her. That's what I told my son. I knew. I knew. I knew,” said Azrak.

Still Azrak had to wait nearly 18 years for the death sentence of her son-in-law, Luke Williams, to be carried out.

“I can't get over it. I loved my daughter very, very much and I miss her every day,” said Azrak.

Authorities say Williams took Linda and Shaun across the state line into Sumter National Forest in South Carolina, where he killed them.
Their bodies had been set on fire in the family's van which was driven into a tree.

Azrak says she believes her daughter feared for her life.

“She said to me 'Mom if anything happens to me will you take Shaun?' and I said Linda please don't talk like that and the next day she was killed, her and Shaun,” said Azrak.

Before being killed Linda and Shaun lived in the Bridlewood neighborhood.

Neighbors who have lived on the same street as the family for years say the Williams stayed to themselves but they would sometimes hear Luke and Linda arguing.

“I think she was beaten a lot but she never told us. Linda was beaten,” said Azrak.

Azrak says she is now at the end of a very painful journey and can't help but feel that Luke's death is justice served.

“I think he deserves what he's getting and if that's wrong I'm sorry. I don't know. I think he deserves everything for what he's done to Linda and Shaun,” she said. SOURCE


  1. Anonymous11:20

    Too bad we don't use the chair any more, for that's what he deserved.

  2. Anonymous13:26

    good riddance.

  3. Anonymous00:24

    RIP.......... NOOOOOOOOT


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