Sunday, February 22, 2009

How to get rid of racism

H/T that great guy over at Taxes, Stupidity and Death.


  1. Your picture at the top reflects my same sentiments as a post I made on my other blog, The Political Side.

    Great minds....

  2. I love seeing anchorman squirm. HA!

  3. I've always had respect for Morgan Freeman, the actor. That gave me some respect for Morgan Freeman, the person.

  4. Excellent point! However, there are too many Al Sharptons for that to happen...

  5. Anonymous00:20

    I posted this on a blog that i call "liberal readers".......... I doubt i will get a response................

    Thank goodness Morgan Freeman said this, otherwise we would be called a racist, like i have many times before, because i oppose black history month, BET and all the other garbage they shove down our throats.


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