Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Do you wonder what did this to Cupid?

It was this.


  1. Diller03:14

    Good Lord,Admiral,Here I am at 3AM,unable to I'll never be able to go back to sleep,with those image's in my head.

  2. OMG....
    I can't believe you. May you NOT get laid today. Happy VD to you.

  3. That looks like Madonna right now.

    This post made my day start out on a strangely hilarious course. . .

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Anonymous10:26

    I am thinking Guy Ritchie is so HAPPY to have gotten rid of that old hag.............. another LMAOOOOOOOOO Great pics and post!!

  5. That's what I did to Mr. Cupid after my first marriage, 'cept the arrow was a bit lower and there were multiple wounds...

    Madonna! What can I say that the US Commission on Geriatric STD's hasn't said already?

    The third lass? Well, prior to 1915they were ALL like that, as well as the first farm girl I ever made out with.

    A hunnert years ago, you told a woman you liked her bush and there were a half dozen references she could draw including her front yard landscaping. Read this:

  6. Yeah, what H2o said. You're a bad, bad dude, dude.

    Happy Valentine's Day none the less.

    (And don't you know when Madonna celebrates VD, it ain't Valentine's Day she's celebrating? :D )

  7. Brainscrub over here please... please???

  8. Geez.


  9. OldNFO:
    Sorry about that!

    The photo Snig's sent me has damaged me further than I thought possible. The Better mind in the house said I should not post it.

    Here it is for the curious among you:

  10. I accept no responsibility for this. No way, no how.


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