Saturday, February 07, 2009

Getting ready for a mass Hippie Tune-Up.

This was inspired by this.

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  1. Law Enforcement Officers line up to buy tickets for the 2009 New Woodstock TaserFest.

    For $69.99 a day, cops can enjoy the exciting sport of tasering, beating, capstuning and otherwise pounding dirty hippies at the exact same location where it all began in 1969.

    The price of admission includes a full box of assorted donuts as well as many games and activities such as:
    1) the Tazed Hippie Twitch
    2) Let's Make You Squeal
    3) The Wheel of Torture
    4) The Price Is Worse Than You Ever Imagined
    5) The Beating Game
    6) Concentration (camp)
    7) I've Got A Concussion
    9) What's My Crime
    10) Beat The Snot


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