Thursday, February 19, 2009

Get yours ASAP

As for me, He can take all that money and give it a shove. SOURCE

It may be like the infamous Obama coins:

The TV ads tout a "genuine" United States Inaugural Presidential Dollar showing President-elect Barack Obama depicted in "glorious full color" for just $9.95, plus shipping and handling.

A coin collecting expert says the gold-dipped, painted coins are nothing more than a trinket, and the U.S. Mint — the only official purveyor of U.S. currency — says buyer beware.

"They are worth the face value of the coin. If the coin says 25 cents, it's worth a quarter," says Scott Travers, author of The Coin Collector's Survival Manual, and a New York City coin dealer. SOURCE

What do you expect from an empty suit?

He may not have had anything to do with it but, it is his name.

H/T Patty Ann


  1. Anonymous21:52

    B Hussein O.......... will tax this coin to make it worth more........... And those collector's plates that are out there in commercial's............ I might buy one in a garage sale and use it for my dog Rebel's dish!

  2. Wait a year and you can get one for a nickle...

  3. Diller..22:22

    And you can't use the damn things in a vending machine...the ears get hung up,NO CHANGE!

  4. I might buy one in a garage sale and use it for my dog Rebel's dish!

    I might use it to scoop my dogs' poop, but that's about it...

  5. Anonymous11:11

    LOL at Deadman!!


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