Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fear, it can make things move

Let me set the story here. You have just slipped out into space to repair the power converters on your space lab's Command Module. While exiting the airlock the C.O. informs you that the external airlock has experienced a failure. It is jammed about eight inches from full close. Once you get the power converter repaired it should close and then re-open. You have almost three hours of air in your suit. Your C.O. directs you to continue your mission of repairing the power converters that were picked up at Tashi Station some time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

At this point your keen eyesight detects something crawling across your faceplate (on the inside) of your helmet. It is a visitor. It hangs on best as it can in the zero gravity environment because it really does not what to float around inside your helmet. It is in a big hurry to explore the helmet (every inch of it) so it may find some tiny crevasse to hide in. You immediately identify the visitor as a brown recluse.

Here is hoping that you do not overload the waste containment part of your space suit and that is, a whole different problem all together.


  1. Anonymous08:11

    What an amazing coincidence. That happened to me just the other day. My wife told me to pretend it wasn't there. She added more Mr. Bubble in my bath water and I went back to what I was doing.

  2. Diller10:49

    My guess is,the odor emanating from the containment area,will cause the spider to shrivel up and fall harmlessly to the helmet ring,or would cause asphyxiation of the suit wearer,.....quicker way to go!

  3. That would suck.


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