Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Did you ever have something to say

And just never could find the proper words? I have the solution for you.

At The Bureau of Communication there is no wrong that you might have committed, that cannot be uncommitted.

Try out communications like:
  • UNSCHEDULED IMPAIRMENT  To break the news of a non-trivial loss.
  • RECORD OF REMORSE An earnest attempt to right a wrong.
  • DECLARATION OF ROMANTIC INTENT To reveal the extent of one's attraction.
  • UNSOLICITED FEEDBACK To express an opinion or insight.
  • OBSERVANCE OF HOLIDAY To celebrate an annual event.
  • AIRING OF GRIEVANCE To communicate a problem or issue.
  • FORMAL APOLOGY To express remorse (heartfelt or forced).
  • STATEMENT OF GRATITUDE To show appreciation or thanks.
  • OFFICIAL INVITATION To request participation in a happening.
  • ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF OCCASION To observe a birthday, bris, or victory.
  • REQUEST FOR COMPENSATION To bring attention to a debt of inequality.
So when you really pissed someone off, just send them a communication.


  1. Anonymous08:56

    This photo says it all.

  2. Anonymous09:00

    I would have to agree with all you say here.. BTW, This is a really great blog and it's so nicely designed ..Great job

  3. I filled out a STATEMENT OF GRATITUDE To show appreciation or thanks for this post. Too funny!


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