Monday, January 26, 2009


I will have no one telling me that the great uniter is dropping
bombs on peaceful tribs in Pakistan. Believe me,
the great uniter has so much more to give than that.

Did these tribesmen mean "Tribes" or "Cribs" because tribes
has something to do with Indians, and there are Indians in Pakistan.
I guess that last "e" in tribes was too much to squeeze
in on their wonderfully rendered, if not misspelled banner.

If they would have just done the jobs themselves by getting
rid of Obama Bin Laden there would be no need for
predator drones filling the sky like vengeful eagles god-smacking
terrorist swine with lofty precision that could only have been
brought to you by courtesy of the Red, White and Blue.

Personally, I know I would hate to be bombed with a PGM while
chillin in my crib reading my favorite blogs with a cup of coffee.
I guess that is why Obama Bin Laden sleeps in caves from now on.
(O damn, did I say Obama again? I will post a retraction when I get around to it.)


  1. Lovely banner that, catchy too "Obama's first gift to Pakistan". When do you suppose I'll be seeing that in the MSM?

  2. They must have had the same writer as the Gaza loonies had when they held up the sign, "Kill All The Juice!"


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