Friday, January 16, 2009

Terrible job

Terrible Job: What job is worse?

Holding the sperm sample sock for a prize Thoroughbred horse or;

Or photographing some old decrepit cancerous scab of a human being spreading her legs?

(This Image had to have been heavily photobrushed.)


  1. Both sound pretty bad. Speaking of photos, I'm going to try and take some pictures of Spokane and try to remember why I love it here.

    Have a picture perfect weekend.

  2. Diller10:02

    The horse could kick your teeth out,or stomp you to death,but that would probably be the easy way,compared to what that thing in the corner booth would cause.

  3. One wants to ride hard and long and must be restrained in order to control his passion. The stallion buys his handlers a few beers after his sock job and his handlers go home thanking God they are not a mare.

    The other was ridden hard, put away wet and must be paid to affect the appearance of passion. Her handler goes home thanking God he is gay.

    Is that a saddlebag hanging from her ankle?

  4. I've gotta agree with Diller... :-)

  5. I'd have to say anything involving interaction with Madonna. At least the horse is a momentary up-chucker.


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