Friday, January 30, 2009

Meet the real Batman

Pretty creepy. At least he eats fruit. 
If you wonder why he is batman instead of batwoman
look carefully at the picture.
Imagine if vampire bats grew to this size
 or even mosquitos.
She is just about full of blood.


  1. If I have nightmares about bats tonight, I'm holding you personally responsible, Admiral.

    I'll pull out the pictures of Bill Clinton in drag and flood your email with them. :-P

  2. Little Fruit bats...LOL Seen those suckers in the far east with a 3+ foot wingspan. NOT what I expected :-)

  3. Except for the wings and antennae, that last pic reminds me of my first wife.

    On second thought, she did have those nasty little wings and antennae.

  4. Ummm....I'm going to go hide, now.

  5. That is one big bat BOY. These were real creepy pictures. LOL


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