Friday, January 30, 2009

Fish Aquariums

I love fish aquariums. I have three small ones. I would gladly work in an office that had aquariums like the one pictured to the right.

I do not think that toilet fish tanks would be something I would want to see or use.

What do you think?


  1. That's pretty neat. We had one for years until last year. We couldn't figure out where the fish were going. They weren't in the tank or the filter. One night I kept hearing something clanking. I walked into the room to find my cat with his paw in the water scooping one of the fish out of the tank. I tried duck tape to hold the lid down but Salem figured out how to open it any way. We finally gave up and got rid of the whole system.

  2. Diller10:07

    That office setup is real nice,like you,think the toilet tank would bother me something lookin over your shoulder,don't think so.We had a nice outdoor fish pond,kois,catfish and some bream,like H2o,our barn cats,and a roaming otter,cleaned us out,just frogs there now.

  3. The toilet aquariums wouldn't bother me in respect to "doing my business". However, if these caught on, can you imagine how many times you'd have to stop to take your kids to the bathroom on a road trip? They're bad enough as it is...

  4. That workspace is cool. :)


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