Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Cheesecake Story

And while talking about cheesecake take a gander
at this story I would like to call Cheesecake Bliss.
One ton of cream cheese is something I can't quite imagine,
 and I have been known to have a very good imagination.
I agree this would be the ultimate calorie bomb.

H/T  Bayou Renaissance Man


  1. She scares me. How would you guys like to roll over in the morning and she her face?

  2. I have never been able to get that drunk.

  3. wow that IS scary looking.. now my mouth is watering for cheese cake though, dammit.

  4. My Mom used to make the most awesome chocolate chip cheesecake. It was about 6 inches high and so rich. I never could duplicate her recipe. Now she's a beauty.

    Have a thrilling Thursday.

  5. I once woke up to something similar to that one morning.

    .... but it was on a leash.

  6. When I had the flu and didn't care if I lived or died...I didn't look that bad. :D

  7. No... matter of fact, not no but HELL no...


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