Saturday, November 01, 2008


H/T M. C. in AZ


  1. Oh good ones! And oh so true!

  2. I LOVE that first one Admiral!

  3. An ego the size of his ears. Guess he has to compensate for the lack of other things.

  4. Dear Superior Scribbler: Sorry for the "canned" and unrelated nature of this comment, but I wanted to get to as many of you tonite as possible. One of the things that we at Scholastic Scribe are most proud of is the Silly Sunday Sweepstakes. Several of you are already familiar with the arbitrary and quite inane weekly attempt at humor...for you, and for those of you who have not yet played Sx3, I urge you to drop by Sunday to see what's up. Oh, and congrats on being named a SS. You earned it!

  5. Anonymous11:39

    The top one is so true. Their head is so far up thier a@@es. It will never come out. The bottom one says it all.


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