Thursday, November 06, 2008

Fox Attack

Thrasher the Fox and his last raid.
PHOENIX -- If she had to give the rabid fox that bit her a nickname, Michelle Felicetta would call it "Thrasher."

Felicetta was hiking a three-mile loop of trail at the base of Granite Mountain in Prescott, Ariz., on Monday when the fox approached her on the trail just like it was meeting her, she told Phoenix station KPHO.

"This fox made eye contact with me and started walking towards me," she said. "That's when I knew something was really wrong.
Beware of foxes that make eye contact.
"I went to back up slowly, and as soon as I went to back up, it came and attacked my foot."

The fox grabbed hold of Felicetta's big toe, but she grabbed it by the neck before it could bite her knee. It bit her arm instead.

"I was choking it with (one) hand," she said. "I was trying (to) get it off … Everything I tried -- he wouldn't let go, and I even considered trying to rip him off, but he had such a good hold it would have done damage."

With the fox hanging from her arm, Felicetta ran a mile back to her car. She managed to pry the fox off of her, wrapped it in her sweatshirt and threw it in the trunk of her car before driving to Yavapai Regional Medical Center.

"As soon as I saw blood, I knew it was probably rabid," she said. "I knew I had to do something."
This is one heck of a woman who can run a mile with a rabid fox on her arm!
When an animal control officer tried to take the fox out of the trunk at the hospital, it bit her, too.

"She thought she had the noose thing around its neck," Felicetta said. "But it slipped out and actually attacked her."

Both Felicetta and the animal control officer have to undergo a series of rabies vaccinations over the next few weeks.

Felicetta said the ordeal was "very hard" for her.

"I love animals; I love nature," she said. "I'm very respectful, but as soon as this incident happened I knew something was wrong with the fox."  Source
I hope they both recover completely.

This would have been such a better story if she had a concealed weapons permit, and been able to use the weapon.

When I lived in Arizona I always had a gun close at hand for just such a event as this. Animals tend to be animals. They are unpredictable and possibly rabid.

Yeah; PETA sucks.


  1. 28 shots in the belly vs. 1 or 2 rounds to the COM of the fox... do the math, not counting the stitches and pain on the shots.

  2. Foxy Lady! Here I come, girl. I' comin' to getcha!

  3. Anonymous17:03

    Wonder what fox taste like, it can't be any worst than squirrel. Anyhow, yes I carry a pistol,even if illegal, while in the woods. Sorry, but if it's between going to jail or being mauled by a 400lb black bear in the North Georgia woods, I'll take jail.

  4. OUCH! Uh, I try to avoid wild and rabid animals at all costs. ;P

  5. Ouch is right & I'm with conservative scalawag- too many critters wandering around here (2 and 4 legged kind) to go anywhere without a gun.

    A few weeks ago the husband saw a cougar/panther/mountail lion/whatever they're called around here crossing the road about a mile up the road. That's entirely too close for comfort.


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