Monday, November 03, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama II; A class act?

Hell No!
This friggin loser had to come down here to Jacksonville and flip off Senator McCain just to prove to us what kind of a class act he really is. I bet he learned this from the ingrate Bill Ayers or Jesse "Cut his Nuts off" Jackson or maybe that moronic wife of his. That sure is Presidential behavior isn't it.

Here is a picture of him flipping off that racist wife of his.
Maybe it is just a cultural thing?
Are they not the picture of happiness?


  1. No class... Period

  2. Anonymous09:41

    No Class. Just a A@@

  3. Isn't she "cute"? Ha! (Puh-leez... What an insult to the intelligence of "the people".)

  4. Randal Graves12:34

    ummm, loser, not "looser"

  5. True; I guess a closer proof reading was required. Thanks.


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