Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Laugh out loud moment

In James Taranto's article "The Politics of Reassurance" he writes about Joe OBiden's thoughts about NObama's up coming test in the first six months of his Presidency and the fact that Colin Powell is no more than a little needed weather vane to show the direction the winds are blowing politically. In it's context it was very funny.

This is what made me laugh:
Which brings us to yesterday's Obama endorsement from Colin Powell on "Meet the Press." Sour conservatives have noted that endorsements don't generally make much of a difference; that Powell, in making his endorsement so late, when Obama seems a nearly certain winner, is not exactly a profile in political courage; and that Powell has never been much of a Republican to begin with.

All this is true (although this column dissociates itself from the assertion by bitter conservatives that Powell is acting merely out of racial solidarity). Powell is essentially a weathervane, and you don't need one to see which way the wind is blowing. Nonetheless, Powell's endorsement is useful to Obama, particularly at this juncture.

What Powell offers is reassurance. As a military man who has never sought elective office, he stands above politics. His Republican credentials are weak, but that makes him more of a nonpartisan figure. He is a man of the establishment--and if he supports Obama, that will assuage the doubts of some voters who still worry that the young senator is either unready or radical.
I enjoy reading his articles.  In the dreadfulness that is this election I needed a good laugh. I got one this morning.  Thanks James.


  1. Anonymous10:07

    Thanks I needed a good laugh also.

  2. explanation fever...


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