Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Life and it's ups and downs

As a parent there is nothing uglier than when you hear your young daughter using one of the worst words in the English language. Not only is she using the word, but spelling it like she is in a damned Spelling Bee.

I can't wait to hear what her teacher has to say.

Gilbert (zheel-BAYR) Syndrome; I got it; and it is a very minor malady. It sounds interesting though.

Hurricane Season is more anticipated than any other season here in Flori-Duh. As a result I have decided hence forth, to consume (in mass quantities) all the junk food and other assorted bad foods while "weathering the storm" so to speak. It will do my physical body no good, but it will in fact help my mind.

The mind is the biggest threat during hurricanes. You get terribly bored, along with your wife and offspring. About then the power usually goes out (internet connection and A/C) just about the time tempers get short.

During this madness it becomes a reasonably good idea to go out into the wind and rain of tropical strength conditions. You get to watch things that your neighbors thought would never blow around, start blowing around. You get to watch the wind knock trees over and idiots who should not be on the road driving like it is just a normal rain shower.

At this time, the Mall seems like a reasonably comfortable and friendly place. Air conditioning and food are the biggest reason for this I think. The down side of this is the fact, it is crowded with people who are there for the same reasons you are. This is a recipe for disaster. In our case you end up staying the vehicle absorbing the refreshing feel of conditioned air while trying to avoid flooded roads and downed power lines. It is a jungle out there.

This is the plan if we are unable to flee the city due to the constraints of keeping gainful employment.


  1. "Not only is she using the word, but spelling it like she is in a damn Spelling Bee."

    Surely she has not learned how to spell "dim-a-crit"?

  2. Take cover and be safe when Hanna comes a callin'.

    Hope you had a nice Labor Day Weekend.

  3. I have students that like to use sentence enhancers as a matter of course within class discussion. Sometimes, it is fitting and I let it go if it was a slip, but I don't become overly upset about it. It happens. (Some teachers send kids right to the office. It is directed toward me or another student? Yeah, but otherwise, no.)

    The teacher is probably understanding, but will try to find a why to teach appropriate vs. inappropriate.

    I remember hearing curse words around 3rd or 4th grade, especially 4th grade.

    It's going to happen no matter how good the upbringing. (I don't think I cursed until junior high, believe it or not.)


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