Monday, September 29, 2008

Gary McCray, Florida's newest addition to Death Row

GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Fla. -- A Clay County jury voted unanimously Friday to recommend four death sentences for Gary McCray, who was convicted earlier this month of killing four people with an assault rifle in 2004.

The jury returned the recommendation after less than one hour of deliberations.

The quick decision follows a morning of testimony and closing arguments in the penalty phase of the trial. The judge agreed to let McCray give his own closing statement.

"The state did not prove their case,"McCray told the jury.

The same jury found McCray guilty of killing Phillip Perrotta, 53, John Whitehead, 37, John
Oliver Ellis Jr., 51, and Robin Selkirk, 45. Prosecutors said the slayings were drug-related, as three of the four victims were arrested along with McCray in a previous drug raid at that same house.

The trial was delayed for years when McCray was not found competent to stand trial. When it finally began in July, it was interrupted several times by outbursts from McCray, who threatened and tried to fire his attorney, lectured Judge William Wilkes and repeatedly interrupted proceedings.

At least twice during the trial, McCray was removed from the courtroom by bailiffs.

Several family members of the victims testified Friday morning for the prosecution in the penalty phase of the trial.

Channel 4's Dan Leveton said that McCray's closing statement was rambling as he continued to maintain his innocence, saying the prosecution "contaminated the mind of the jury."

"I told the truth to the jury," McCray said. "I beat the state's argument on the witnesses ... I would like to ask the jury, why do you think the defendant was found guilty? Let's start with you."

Prosecutors and the judge repeatedly reminded McCray that what was relevant at this point was the penalty, not his guilt.

The jury began deliberations for a sentencing recommendation after lunch. It returned with its 12-0 recommendation of death at about 2:15 p.m.

The victims' families welcomed the jury's unanimous decision.   Source.
It looks like another name gets added to the roster of Florida's Death Row.


  1. Anonymous12:38

    Hopefully he will be rotting in Hell soon.

  2. I miss "Ole Sparky".

  3. Fuzzy's Dad:

    In Florida it will take about 12 years.

    The Troll:
    I do too.

  4. These juries always start the real deliberations after a meal. The ladies donlt want to go home and fix something to eat. An all female federal jury kept me on ice until after dinner was served. The baliff told me what was going on after the vedict (yeah!) was delivered.

  5. I know gary personally, and those people got everything they deserve.It is funny you say he will be in hell soon, because those four crackheads will be waiting there for him. Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house!!!


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