Sunday, August 17, 2008

Torpical Storm Fay

I really hate blogging about hurricanes and tropical storms.  I really need to let more talented and entertaining bloggers do this like, Upset Waitress.

Tropical Storm Fay is on the way and since it does not seem to be a very big storm we are preparing.
I remember what Hurricane Frances did (Tropical Storm). I also remember Frances was a favorite girls name until 2004. It was then my realization of a home owner came true. I was (back then) a gambling man of sorts, I figured we had one tree in our yard and the chances of it hitting out humble home were less than 25%. I looked up at the Lone Pine and figured it looked healthy enough. As Frances approached I did all the right things. I put everything that could possibly blow around in the garage. Then we waited.

It was mostly a rain and wind event until 5:15PM. That is when the lone pine decided to say "Hello House!" I was in the living room watch the weather guys talk about what damage was being wrought on the city. My wife was in the Den writing and my daughter was sitting on the fireplace listening to the rain and wind sounds piping in through the fire place. While taking in the weather news on the TV I heard this terrible and loud snap. I looked at the lone pine and it was still up but one third up from the ground the tree had this brownish fuzzy ring around it. I charged into the den strongly suggesting to my Wife that she should "take a look at the lone pine!" Then hearing a terrible crash much louder than thunder we knew the tree had hit the house.


We had just managed with some good luck and 3400 dollars to get the old lone pine off our house and the roof repaired just before Jeanne dropped by to dump more wind and rain on us. We did not lose power with Frances but lost power for four days with Jeanne.

Sadly I had a bad back up disk and lost all the other pictures I had of the tree being removed.

This is the exciting time of year, and yes, this is also one with a female name.


  1. Stay safe Admiral. I'll be thinking of you and all your fellow Floridians a lot over the next few days.

  2. Stay safe. :)

  3. Rain...

    We all need rain. I hope things go well for you guys.

  4. keep yur powder dry hoss

    No risk taking!

  5. Thankfully it wasn't worse!! Stay safe.

  6. Stay safe- Remember to get water and toilet paper (especially for the ladies).

    The bright side is that you are not being told to fly airplanes somewhere else and leave your family to handle the emergency without you.

  7. How are you fairing
    the news looks wet


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