Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Still waiting on Fay

The things some people do during Tropical Storms amaze me. 
This Kite Surfer has met his fate.

Looking across the river.


She is a real doozie.

Fay looks like she is lost, just wandering around like a illegal alien in Wal-Mart Super Center.

We have had just a little wind and rain today but tonight should get more exciting. It is always more exciting not knowing from hence the attack will occur.

At this time I would like to address the Glo-Bull Warming Hoax.

Funny Pictures  There are tons of people trying to predict what this hurricane will do in an hour from now and they can't get it right.

How in the hell can anyone say "Humanity is destroying the planet and in 20 years it will be wasteland unable to support wildlife and retain any sense of credibility in the world?



  1. I've said my prayers for you guys. :)

    Stay safe.

  2. Thoughts and Prayers on the way... been there, done that in Jax.

  3. You stay safe now.

  4. You'll be fine as long as you don't try the kite flying stunt the dumb ass tried. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts.

  5. yes, stay safe, do not try and be a hero if things get bad, OK? Hopefully she will just blow herself out.

    Why didnt that guy with the kite thing just let go? Did he die?
    silly arse!


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