Thursday, August 14, 2008

Michael Anthony Rodriguez Executed

Justice is Served.

He wanted to die and I am glad he got what was coming to him.

If you go to Texas and kill it's citizens you should be prepared to be executed for it.

"Texas Seven" member Michael Anthony Rodriguez executed.

Before escaping from a South Texas prison with six other convicts, Mr. Rodriguez had been serving a life sentence for paying a hit man $2,000 to kill his wife in 1992. He lured her to her death, prosecutors said, by holding her hand minutes before the triggerman shot her in front of him.

On Christmas Eve 2000, about a week after overpowering workers at the maximum-security prison, the Texas Seven had made there way to Irving.

Officer Aubrey Hawkins had interrupted a holiday dinner with family to respond to a robbery at a sporting goods store. The escapees perforated his squad car with at least 20 bullets. Mr. Rodriguez then pulled the 29-year-old husband and father from the car and stole his gun.


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  1. Anonymous01:06

    One less scum bag in the world.


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