Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's Pick.

This energizes my base.

John McCain completely sucked all the wind out of the four day jerk fest in Denver. He chose a perfect Candidate for Vice President.

With Sarah Palin on the ticket it has assured my vote. I bet she wears a US Flag Lapel Pin.


You have chosen wisely.


  1. Denver = Smoke and Mirrors

    Alaska = Da Bomb

  2. Not only did she wear a pin, it was huge! (My mom has the same pin.)

    This is going to be very exciting and very interesting.

  3. She kept that baby even though she knew the poor lad would require special care all of his life. She realizes that life, all life, is God's gift. And she wants to drill for oil. What's not to like?

  4. Anonymous22:11

    And she carries a gun and hunts.

  5. His choice reinforced the idea I'd made the right decision in casting my vote for him for sure. ;)


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