Friday, August 15, 2008

He cut out his eyes?

Police Search For Man Accused Of Cutting Out DJ's Eyes

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Jacksonville police are trying to find a man who they said attacked a disc jockey after an altercation at a bar and cut the man's eyes out.

Investigators said the DJ was attacked in the early-morning hours of July 5 near Starlite Café. Rescuers. Police found him in the neighborhood because someone driving by saw him lying in the street. They said right away they realized something was very wrong with man's eyes.

"(It's) heartbreaking to think something like that would happen here," said one of the DJ's co-workers, Kir Kay.

According to a police report, the DJ had life-threatening injuries and both of his eyes were protruding from his face.

Friends of the victim told Channel 4 the man who loved playing music in the bar now has to rely on his hearing because the attack left him blind.

"I cannot image what would drive somebody to do that," Kay said.
 Source: News4JAX

The perp needs to have his eyes cut out and spend a lifetime in prison.


  1. That story just freaks me the heck out. It's just so unbelievably ghastly.

  2. Anonymous16:41

    This is sick!!

  3. How awful! This society is sinking faster than a twig attached to an anvil.


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