Thursday, July 31, 2008

Larry Donnell Davis Executed

Justice was Served.
WASHINGTON (AFP) — A 40-year-old convicted of orchestrating and participating in the fatal stabbing and beating of a man during a 1995 robbery was executed by lethal injection in the state of Texas, officials said.

Larry Davis was put to death at Huntsville Prison at 6:19 pm Thursday local time (2319 GMT), a representative of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice told AFP.

Davis was accused of entering the Amarillo, Texas home of Michael Barrow with several conspirators and killing Barrow, who was stabbed with a knife and an ice pick and beaten with a pipe.

Davis had proclaimed he was innocent of planning and carrying out the murder.

Source: AFP
Yet another innocent death row convict.

Here is a very enlightening story about this innocent thug.  It should end his innocence bull shit.


  1. Anonymous13:27

    Good Riddance.

  2. Anonymous16:09

    One scum bag down. Hundreds to go.


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