Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Drug laced treats given to Police Department.

We have read the stories of some scum bag doing something to a Police Officer's food at the drive through but this guy should never see freedom again (Read as locked up for the rest of his sorry life.)


He probably didn't learn this recipe in Home Ec.

And don't count this as community service, either.

Police say Christian Phillips, 18, delivered baked cookies and candy to several Texas police departments and said he was with Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Instead, the treats were apparently laced with drugs and got at least three officers sick.

As the story continues it seems he wanted to take out most of the Police Force.

At another Texas department, police found traces of marijuana in the baked goods.

Phillips was arrested and charged with possession of LSD.

He apparently told police that he didn't put anything in the goods, but that a friend might have been smoking marijuana while he cooked.

Source: Miami Herald.


  1. two words...BEAT DOWN

  2. And BEAT DOWN again.

  3. Give me a freaking break. What an asshole!

  4. On a side note did you see Fuzzy's Dad needs some Prayer

  5. Yes I did, I left a comment but I imagine it is very hectic over there. He is on the Prayer list.

  6. It takes a truly special kind of idiot to drug food given to police officers.

  7. Now they're saying they made a mistake and have dropped charges. WTF?


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