Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Can't find the body

Some stories kinda have you scratching your head when you read them.
Like this one:

PALATKA, Fla. -- The Putnam County Sheriff's Office is asking for help finding a woman who is missing and who might be a victim of a crime.

Deputies said Brenda Horn, 31, was with her boyfriend, Kenneth Mike Tilley, of Daytona Beach, when she disappeared.

Tilley told investigators that they stole a car in Volusia County on Friday night and drove through Putnam County into Clay County. Deputies found Tilley on Sunday morning, passed out in that car, parked along U.S. Highway 17.

Tilley told Clay County investigators that he was using methamphetamine, he got into an argument and he beat Horn.

"He said 'I believe we had an altercation and that I beat her badly and probably left her for dead behind a convenience store, and I believe in Putnam County," Putnam County Sheriff Dean Kelly said.

Deputies took Tilley to Hall's Superette and Deli in Bostwick, which he identified as being the store.

Deputies did not find Horn or any sign of a struggle.

Meth freaks, you gatta love em.  The "I believe we had an altercation" line cracks me up; who ever heard of a methhead knowing what an "altercation" is?

Don't get me wrong I hope the girl is OK, But was the guy delusional?

Source: News4JAX

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  1. He sounds like a real winner.


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