Sunday, June 29, 2008

Why is this news, Could it be about race?

I think there are much bigger issues in this city than this. I think of the annoying signs as spam. We all see more of it that we would like to.

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- A third 'whites only' sign has been found on Jacksonville's Southside.

"I was just so angry," said Jenny Roy. "I'm still shaking." Roy saw the sign at the westbound exit from SR9A onto Beach Boulevard. It was tied to a yield sign.

"I got out of my car and tried to pull it down," said Roy.

The sign read: "Bourbon St. Whites Only""It made me sick to my stomach that somebody would do this - again," said Roy.

It is some juvenile minded miscreant that wants some attention; well he got some.

Six weeks ago, two signs were discovered with the same message. One was in Arlington. The other was on St. Johns Bluff Road.

Managers at Bourbon Street Station, a bar on St. Johns Bluff Road, have said they have nothing to do with the signs.

Two signs six weeks ago? Some people need to quit be so offended by everything.

My reason why this is getting so much attention; it is about race. My guess is that if the sign had said "Blacks only" the sign would have been removed with out a word.

Jacksonville has many problems and racism is not one of them, until now.

Source: First Coast News


  1. Hate to say it, but Jax has had a problem with racism going both ways since the 70's... I remember it not being safe to drive through certain neighborhoods after dark if you were the opposite color.

  2. After getting out and about for a while I would tend to agree with you.

  3. Anonymous14:52

    I grew up in Jax in the 60's. This doesn't surprise me at all.


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