Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Some Parents Today

Some stories really bother me, Like this one. Photobucket

Parents accused of tying teen to tree expected in court

Macclesfield, N.C. — A father and stepmother accused of killing their 13-year-old son by tying him to a tree are expected in an Edgecombe County courtroom Monday.

Brice Brian McMillan, 41, and Sandra Elizabeth McMillan, 36, both of 1110 Felton Farm Road in Macclesfield, are charged with first-degree murder and felony child abuse. They were being held in the Edgecombe County Detention Center without bond.

Deputies responded to the Felton Farm Road residence Thursday afternoon to assist paramedics with an unresponsive teen.

Brice McMillan told deputies he tied his son, Tyler Gene McMillan, to a tree outside the home Tuesday night because the teen was being disobedient and other disciplinary actions had failed. The father said he untied Tyler Wednesday morning and allowed him back into the house, but the teen was tied to the tree a second time that night when he started acting up again.

Tyler remained tied up until his stepmother found him unconscious at about 4:30 p.m. Thursday, authorities said.

Source: WRAL 5


  1. Anonymous02:55

    there are some really wacked out peopleim thos world. I say tie them to a tree.

  2. The ability to know what you'd like to do to your children (they make all of *want* to tie them to a tree occasionally) but not act on it is what separates *parents* from breeders.

    Unfortunately, the breeders are more prevalent in society. Like fuzzys dad, I say tie them to a tree.


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