Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pitbulls in the news again

Imagine this; you are just walking your little Chihuahua down the street and some loser allows his pitbulls to "escape the fence" and attack your little hor devours (read as chihuahua) on a leash killing it and injuring you.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A recent encounter with two pit bulls left a Tallyrand woman with several cuts and bruises and left her pet Chihuahua dead.

Ana Morales-Wagner said she and her Chihuahua named Rusty were walking at the intersection of East 11th and Danese streets on Tuesday morning when her neighbor's two pit bulls slipped under a fence and attacked."

It came over and bit my hand -- got my neck, bit my finger and I was dragging," Morales-Wagner said. "One of them came charging and attacked my dog. I tried getting him off, hitting him with a stick."

She said from that point on, it was a struggle."I tried to get him off -- screaming, 'Get your dog. Get your dog.' I tried to hit him with a stick, but that didn't do nothing," said Morales-Wagner.

She told Channel 4 that as she was trying to fight off the dog, a good Samaritan drove up, got out of his car and began to help her. However, as the good Samaritan was calling 911, the second pit bull approached."

The black-and-white dog came out and started to chew my dog where the other one was," Morales-Wagner said.

Rusty did not survive the attack.

Larry Platts owns the dogs police said came after Morales-Wagner and Rusty.

Platts said before Tuesday his pet had never escaped the fence.

"I do send my deepest regrets. I've been around to see the victim. I hope she does better, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to help the situation out," Platts said.

These dog owners always say the same thing, "his pet had never escaped the fence."

Source: News4JAX

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