Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Karl Eugene Chamberlain Executed

Source: USA Today

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  1. Anonymous12:54

    Karl Eugene Chamberlain... I've been waiting for this day. June 12 is the first day without Karl on the planet and why he should use up perfectly good air is beyond me. I looked at Karl's poems and his art work. I read all about his mother living out of state and how she came to visit him on New years just a few months ago. I take the time afterwards to even find out what the last statement was and the last meal request. I like to know who is being executed because it's still a person with real feelings and real relatives and they all have real emotions. But let's not forget one thing. The goal of jail is to rehabilitate people, right? Take a killer who doesnt have any reservations about taking another humans life just as easy as if they were cattle or a chicken or a fish that they had caught. The only way to get them to really change their mind about killing fellow human beings being morally bankrupt in essence is to reverse the polarity of the issue and turn that death on to them. They often state at their execution ceremony that they now believe that killing is wrong - and being in that possition is the only thing that will ever make a cold blooded killer realize it's a horrible thing to treat a human like we treat our live stock and just slaughter them without regard for feellings. Their executions are the moment of graduation where they have been sincerely reformed and turned inside out back into a normal person that believes killing fellow human beings is a morally bankrupt idea. Congratulations Karl - today you have graduated from the University of Public Opinion and you seemed to have learned your lesson well.


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