Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday's Quote.

So, my son, when in the conflict of life, the cloud and
the darkness come, stand unflinchingly by your post:
Remain faithful to the discharge of your duty.
-- Robert E. Lee


  1. Excellent quote! Too bad no one does that today... dammit...

  2. Was that before or after we Yankees ran roughshod over the Confederacy?


  3. *Beats Wyatt with a wet noodle.*

    Dadburned Yankees.

    I like the quote too and like NFO, it would be nice if folks in today's world would at least occasionally live by it.

  4. Wyatt: I waited for Snigglefrits to give you an answer.

    Snigglefrits; I left it to you to answer the Lawman. You did well Lady.

    It is one of the the quotes I try to remember whenever life throws too much my way.


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