Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Derrick J. Sonnier -Execution Stayed

Derrick J. Sonnier was scheduled to be today but a court of appeals stays the execution.

On Sept. 16, 1991, police found Melody Flowers, 27, in the bathtub of her Humble apartment.The single mother of five had been bludgeoned with a claw hammer, raped, strangled and stabbed. Her body was dumped in the partially filled bathtub and the body of her toddler, Patrick, also stabbed, was on top of her.

Sonnier was dating one of Flowers' friends and lived just two doors away from her apartment. Authorities said he stalked Flowers for months, sometimes slipping into her apartment when she was away.

One time, she found him hiding in her bedroom closet, authorities said.

The day of the murders, neighbors reported seeing Sonnier with a wounded hand wrapped in a bloody towel. In his apartment, where he lived with his girlfriend, police found Flowers' bloody blouse and a blood-soaked towel that also belonged to her.

Police said they later found a grocery bag stashed in a field near the complex that had his bloody socks, shoes and other items that linked him to the crime. (Source)


  1. "lethal injection protocol violates the constitutional prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment"...

    ...but being beaten with a hammer, raped, strangled and stabbed doesn't?

    It's a sad, sad world we live in when the murderer is treated with more "respect"...oh never mind, it just makes my blood pressure go up.

  2. Anonymous19:34

    Rotten POS. They should let the fanily hve at him.


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