Thursday, June 05, 2008

Curtis Osborne Executed

Executioners struggled for 35 minutes to find a vein before Curtis Osborne died by lethal injection Wednesday for a 1990 Spalding County double murder. Osborne, 37, was pronounced dead at 9:05 p.m., 14 minutes after his executioners injected the first of three fatal drugs.

Looks like he was scared of death. He should have considered this when he killed two people, one just because "she was there."

He was the second man Georgia has executed in a month. He also was the fourth person in the country to die by lethal injection since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the method was constitutional.

A applaud Georgia for seeing to it that Justice is Served.

Osborne was executed for shooting Arthur Jones and Linda Lisa Seaborne on Aug. 7, 1990. Osborne allegedly killed Jones because Osborne didn't want to give him the $400 he got for selling Jones' motorcycle. Seaborne was killed because she was there. (Source)


  1. Bryan08:06

    Thank the heavens...FINALLY somebody with some sense.

    This piece of human garbage killed two people for practically nothing, and people left and right are trying to say HE has a right to life?!

    I believe that your right to live ends the MOMENT you decide to murder another human being.

    And for the idiots out there, I say this: There IS a difference, a BIG difference, between KILLING somebody, and MURDERING somebody.


  2. Anonymous14:57

    Who are you to say this was right Curtis came by my house on the day of this incident he was not a violent person who made you all GoD.So the person who gave the lethal injection is a murderer so is he next?Only GOD can judge not you but those harsh comment remeber judgement day is coming!I pray his soul went to heaven as with lisa and Athur stop talking about people you didn't no big mouth!It's about having a forgiven heart!We will miss those dimples R.I.P

  3. Anonymous15:06

    Killing and murdering is the same stupied neither one justified in GOD eye's go read a bible get some religion amd knowledge I think we all know who the biggest idiot is to say something crash like that!
    The weakest link that would be you!
    GOD p[lease bless and Keep Curtis Osborne soul!

    Griffin High class of 89

  4. I agree with Bryan.

    India, you think Curtis Osborne did not do it? You are lucky he did not kill you as well, just because you were there.

    Forgiving murderers is what God does. I don't and will not forgive people who murder other people.

    Just remember that the two people this murderer killed had loved ones left behind. The victims did nothing wrong.

    Why did the murderer feel killing two people was worth 400 dollars?


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