Monday, May 05, 2008

Mother of the Month

Here at Mad, Mad, Mad World I strive to find the most maddening stories out there.
And without further ado:

Meet Angelique R. Vandeburg, this "Mother of the Month."

A Sheboygan woman allegedly shot her 8-year-old daughter in the leg with a BB gun to win a $1 bet with her boyfriend, authorities said Friday.

The woman, Angelique R. Vandeburg, 28, now faces up to three years in prison on a felony count of intentional child abuse issued Friday. The alleged incident occurred April 26 or 27.

Her daughter, a local elementary school student, told police the shot initially hurt so much she was unable to walk, according to a criminal complaint. She said her mother and the mother’s boyfriend had been drinking heavily before the boyfriend offered Vandeburg $1 and handed her the gun, the complaint said.

Vandeberg, of 2704 S. 17th St., made an initial court appearance Friday and was released on a $5,000 signature bond.
According to a criminal complaint:

Police began looking into the incident Wednesday after a school counselor reported it to police. The girl was shot three or four days earlier, but a circular bruise with a white-colored point in the middle remained visible on her thigh, the counselor said.
What on earth Could be the reason for this cruelty?!?!?

The girl said the shooting occurred in her mother’s bedroom. The girl estimated her mother had 10 to 12 beers.
Oh; Alcohol. It still makes no sense to me.

The boyfriend bet her mother $1 she wouldn’t shoot the child, after which the mother took the gun and shot the girl, who was wearing three pairs of pants. The bullet bounced off her leg and struck her 7-year-old brother, but he was not injured.
What were they trying to prove; That they were drunken ballistic engineers?

Vandeburg, in an interview with a police detective, said the girl was lying to get her in trouble. She said the injury occurred three weeks ago when the girl fell while riding her bike and was hit in the leg by the handlebar. Complete Article Here.
This Mom is a real class act. Handlebars always leave "a circular bruise with a white-colored point in the middle."


  1. Yep. What an piece of disgusting trash. I hope that little girl and her brother will now have a much better future without that woman in their lives.

  2. What the hell??? How could anybody do something so stupid. Once again some people shouldn't be allowed to breed.

  3. make her walk a gauntlet of angry
    9 year olds with BB guns and let em shoot the hell out of her

    "Mother is the name for God on the lips and Hearts of all children"


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