Wednesday, April 30, 2008

To the House and Senate of the United States

For the last two years, the House and Senate of the United States of America has done nothing to relieve the soaring costs of energy prices.

What have they done? What have they undone?

Since attaining the majority in the House and Senate the average price of fuel oil has risen sharply. This has also raised the prices of food along with just about everything else.

Thank you Democrat Led House and Senate. You have done nothing since you attained the majority. If this is the way you govern while in the majority, then you should give it back.

The Gateway Pundit has a great post here.

Mel Martinez and Bill Nelson are the most worthless Senators I have ever seen in 20 years. They are both "No drilling" off the Florida Coast types. I would put an oil rig in my back yard if it would help me with gas prices.


  1. Let 'em drill where it is, and fer crying out loud, LET 'EM BUILD NEW REFINERIES!!!

  2. Anonymous13:16

    I'd put an oil rig in my bathroom if that's where the oil was.

  3. We need the oil, we have the oil, but if we drilled TODAY it would take five years to get it to the refinery... dammit...

  4. I purposely avoided buying gas today, because I just didn't want to see $40 go into the tank. I keep wondering what I could do with the $300+ I put in my gas tank each month.


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