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tagged me with a meme. It's all about me.

These are the rules:

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Here goes:
  • I was Crew Chief in the Airforce, I was assigned to Aircraft 67-0556. This RF-4c was a beauty in a beastly sort of way. Six days before I left England she crashed in Scotland. Both pilots got out with out a scratch. I felt terrible about the plane as I maintained it for 18 months and had it in outstanding shape. Three and a half years later the I was assigned Aircraft 68-014836. This T-38a crashed in the mountains of northern Arizona. Both Pilots died in the crash. They flew through a cloud bank and hit a mountain. I was on swing shift so did not launch the jet that final day. The guy that launched the jet never got over it.
  • We managed to get a cutback early on a Friday night, It was payday so we bought some beer, ammunition and food. We drove deep into the desert in my Blazer. We found our usual shooting spot in the San Tan Mountains and proceeded to drink and shoot. As I remember there was this old burned out wreck of a car. I decided to show off my pistol skill with a 357 magnum and I shot at a beer can sitting on the rear brake housing. Needless to say there was a ricochet and we were digging lead out of our asses for months. We called off the shooting early that night. We started again the next day and did not shoot at anymore cars.
  • I remember when I was dating my wife. Most of the girls that knew her knew she never drank to excess. I liked the fact she did not but they were on her about it so I convinced her to run a game on them; She would drink a shot of water and I would buy a round of Bacardi 151 rum for everyone else. So it began and I remember those girls trying to keep up with her. She would down her shot (of water) without even blanching. After the 6th round I don't remember what happened. The other girls were done after the 5th round and they were completely trashed. (Pajama Momma Posted similar to this the other day.)
  • I was in trouble a lot as a kid. My Dad would always ask me "Lord Almighty son, what were you thinking?" When I was 12 I finally told him for the first time "I did not think about it when I was doing it." He never asked me that again. It took me until I was 30 before I started thinking about consequences.
  • I read The Rats in the walls when I was twelve. Every noise I heard seemed magnified 100 times. That was a sleepless year.

  • I first started watching the National Hockey League in 1985. They were showing a lot of Pittsburgh Penguins games. I was hooked and was amazed by number 66. Then in 1991 number 68 showed up. How did they get him on the team too? I have been a Penguin fan since.
  • I rememberprodigy. (You can click on the picture to see the prodigy logon screen.) I am a fossil.

I don't tag anyone, but if you want to try this Meme be my guest.


  1. Holy cow! Look at your fancy new blog! I like it. :)

  2. Ah ha... a crew chief, and on Phantoms no less!!! You guys (and now girls) in the AF did great work. That was YOUR bird, you just loaned it to the drivers :-)

    Thanks for your service!

  3. PJM:
    Thanks. I like. It is buggy though.

    old NFO:
    Yep, most time they took great care of the birds. All the Pilot I knew were great guys.

  4. what were you thinking?

    I've heard that one a lot over the years.


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