Thursday, April 03, 2008

Marriage, exciting and new

It's not just about mail order brides anymore.

It seems this is happening all over the world.

People marry animals trying to find happiness

It is a known fact that people can do a lot in order to catch public attention, for example, to go to the Star Factory or to organize protest actions. Alliances between people and dogs, horses, phantoms and snakes seem to have the same roots. But it turned out that this phenomenon has other reasons.

What is the definition of marriage exactly?

Now we are about to delve into happiness, animal style.

>If you want happiness, you will love even a goat. So people marry animals to avoid a bad lot. However, it is unknown whether marriage with a goat is happy or not, but there are quite a few marriages with dogs. For example, in June 2003 a nine-year-old Indian girl married a mongrel. This event brought together about 100 people who behaved as if they were at a human wedding – they danced and drank. It should be noted that there were not fewer people there than at any Hollywood wedding.

Sounds like quite the party does it not?

Finally we get to the good stuff.

Another story of marriage between a man and an artiodactyl occurred in the USA. Jerry Spinger tried to unravel the mystery of these relations in his talk-show in 1988. But he failed, for the legal zoophilia seemed too outstanding for directors of some TV channels. So the show was not broadcast. That’s why millions of Americans were not aware of a five-year marriage between their compatriot and horse Pixel.

Source of the weirdness here.

Yep, you just had to know old Jerry Springer was going to be in this story somewhere. I bet your average Russian has seen that broadcast.

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