Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Buried Alive; the Sumner Murders

Part 4, Bruce Nixon.

The only accomplice in the slaying of Carol and Reggie Sumner not sentenced to death for the crimes, Bruce Nixon is serving a 45-year sentence for his part in the 2005 double murder.

Nixon was 18 years old when the Sumners were robbed, kidnapped and buried alive in a shallow grave in southern Georgia.

Police said two of the three others involved in the murder of the couple told them about Nixon's participation in the crimes.

Located and arrested by police in Macclenny, Fla., Nixon quickly confessed and lead detectives to the grave where the Sumners were buried.

As a man who admitted to his part in killings, Nixon publicly asked for and was given forgiveness by the victims' family.

Nixon tearfully apologized to the family of Carol and Reggie Sumner as he took the stand at his sentencing hearing in December of 2007.

"I'm so sorry for what I've done," Nixon said. "I mean, I'm not just saying because I know I want people to be lenient on me. I really do apologize." Story Here.


  1. Anonymous02:22

    Wah, wah, so sorry, wah, self-serving apology, wah.....

  2. get a rope.......
    they just need to put some clorine in those bastards gene pool


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