Sunday, April 13, 2008

April Cooper giggled when told she was being held on $36,000 bond.

Story Here.

Does this surprise anyone?

A judge set bails ranging from $30,000 to $37,000 for each during their first court appearances on Friday.

The youngest defendant, 14-year-old April Cooper, giggled and attempted to hold in her laughter as she was told that she was being held on $36,000 bond.
What makes anyone think April Cooper is really sorry about any of this, other than getting caught I guess.

All eight also were ordered to stay away from their high school and social networking Web sites such as MySpace. The judge also ordered them not to have any contact with the victim or each other.
If the parents were unaware of the crime, The judge is an IDIOT to imply an order like this. They are MySpace legends now. They are going to want to brag about this. It is the reason why they did it to begin with.

The judge has ordered everyone involved in the case not to talk to the media.

The videotape of the beating has been viewed widely on national TV and the Internet this week -- a fact that has some of the defendants' families angry at the Polk County sheriff for releasing the video the girls shot to the media.

What a surprise this is. The parents are the problem here.

Of course they would be upset that Sheriff Judd would tell the truth and not try to hide such a terrible crime.

"Grady Judd, our great sheriff, he made a mountain out of a molehill with all these trumped-up charges for these kids," said the father of 18-year-old Stephen Schumaker.

Other parents said they have been harassed and were angry when approached by reporters.

"We have death threats on us, OK? Leave us alone," said the mother of 17-year-old Brittini Hardcastle.

Would they rather have had their daughter as the victim?

I don't wonder why the eight losers charged with this crime did the crime after hearing their parents responses.


  1. theresa tervree04:35

    i dont under stand how someone can live with them selfs after doing something so horrable the young girl who you hurt should hurt you back and let you know the pani she was in some needs to teach you it is not ok to act like that and i think you or your friends dont deserve kids or a family because if this is what you did to one of your friends over a myspace account then who is to say what youll do to your child over them spilling something or something that poor child whould probaly die if they where in your arms i dont think going to prison is enough for all the pain you caused her and her family all of you should rot in hell for this horriable thing that you have done

  2. Anonymous12:25

    it's too bad they have to stay away from social sites I think the American people deserve the right to give these de3mon spawn the verbal hard beat down greater than the horrid physical beating they gave the poor young lady they beat.

  3. These parents clearly didn't care for Tori its all a lie and it was a fake story. oh love of god parents make the lame excuses posible.

  4. There's no excuse at all. April and Brittni are not tough. If they were really so tough, they'd have fought one on one with someone their own body type. Cowards always take the easy way out and fight someone who won't fight back or who's smaller than they are. Victoria did not deserve this. I don't care what she said about them or to them.


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