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American Mutant Cockroaches in Moscow

Do we need to call the X-Men?

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Drug testing or Psychological evaluation needed by everyone in this story except Yours Truly.

Mutants live in the underworld of Moscow

Translated by Lena Ksandinova
Re-Translated By USA_Admiral

This could be a good plot for a Hollywood movie: giant half an inch (meter?) worms live under the ground of a huge megapolis, threatening the life of millions of its citizens. For the citizens of Moscow, Europe’s biggest city, this is, however a reality. Such worms were found and caught on video camera by Vadim Mikhaylov, a founder of the digger’s organization in Russia.

Attack of the Giant Half Inch, Roaring Worms (Yeah, a great movie?)

Will Smith from "I am Legend" could fix this in less than a month or so.

The accident (event?) happened not far from the city center. It was witnessed by many diggers that were accompanying Mr. Mikhaylov. “We recorded the video of a giant (half inch?) roaring worm on the video camera or nobody would believe us. (We don't.) However (the plot thickens), today we still have to prove on special machines, that our record hasn’t been edited. We think that what we have seen can make a 180 degree change in the world science. The noise of his roar stuck in our heads. I don’t think we are going to forget this”.

I smell an American about to enter the story. Were the migrant immigrants? Were they illegal aliens? How did they get there? So many questions.

In the under (underground of?) Moscow there live also large number of American cockroaches. Their size can be up to 4 inches (OK twice as big as we grow them over here). They usually gather round drain sewerage system. They are scared of the daylight. To every noise they react with a terrifying hiss, and they can also sniffle (sounds like a respiratory ailment). But the most horrible inhabitants of the underworld are the flying cockroaches, which the size of a tortoise! (I call Bullshit) They fly in flocks and witnesses say you’d better not see their flight ever in life. (A double dose of Bullshit.)

So where does this lead us;
I am thinking a dose of Lovecraftian Horror here.

The most experienced digger in Russia, Vadim Mikhaylov, thinks that the underworld is the beginning of an outer world. He believes in the existence of parallel world. People explore the space, he claims, but the under world is much more interesting and charming. (How is giant roaring worms and hissing, tortoise sized flying roaches in flocks charming?) “We walk daily above the world that is far more unusual and fascinating that our own world”. He became convinced in this after he saw a woman’s ghost with his own eyes. He claims the woman was scared and said something like “Help me”. He was caught by surprise and suddenly dell (fell?) down on the ground. Vadim’s mates took him to the hospital. There he also saw the ghost. She looked the same and was wearing the same long dress. Kater Mikhaylov told the priest this story. The priest, however, had an explanation. He said that the woman was put after death (They put her strait into after death?) to the limbo and was frightened because she didn’t know what she is to face.

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