Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Semper Gumby

I found this on Bill and Bob's Excellent Afghan Adventure.

If you have time this is a great read.

Bill and Bob's Excellent Afghan Adventure

When things are constantly changing, as they have so many times during this deployment, there is a simple motto to keep us going; "Semper Gumby." Semper Gumby is Latin for "Always Flexible."

The ancient Greeks, the same good people who invented Latin, also invented Gumby. This was proven by the recent finding of a several thousand year old Gumby at the site of the battle of Marathon.

Okay... I made that part up. Except for the part about Latin. The Greeks did invent that. That part is true.

I also never knew Gumby could save the free world. HOO-RAH.

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