Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Gifts for muslim terrorists

Because of all the mohammed the prophet teddy bear debacle I decided to try and find something that every good little muslim boy or girl would like to keep them busy during our Christmas season.

The one, the only, Baby Prophet Mohammed wets a lot Doll. Guaranteed to keep the suicide bomber at home for the Christmas season. Who could possibly in his or her right mind not put another diaper on the stinky end or at least strap some explosives on this cute little bastard?


For those dedicated jihadist on your list that are a bit blood thirsty. Be the first in your neighborhood to get the seventh century bloodthirsty muslim barbarian just what he wanted. The classic game of Infidel Mutilation with Mohammed.


More spectacular Christmas Gifts found Here.

H/T Pam courtesy of comments on Wyatt's Blog.

So Merry Christmas to all muslims in the world.

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