Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thug of the Day

Meet Johnny Smith
Thug of the Day.

A 19-year-old shot twice by an undercover police officer during a
drug operation Monday night remains hospitalized and will face criminal charges.

Police identified the teenager in the police-involved shooting as Johnny Smith.
Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Assistant Chief Rick Graham said that while the officers were completing a drug buy, Smith grabbed the cash and pulled a gun on the two undercover officers.

Graham said the sheriff's officers were working in the area
because of complaints about drug-trafficking.

"Because of the quick action taken by detective Bowen the suspect
was not able to kill or seriously injure our two detectives," Graham said.

If the perp gets a life sentence, and with some good behavior it is likely he will serve about 40 years. The thug will be 59 when he re emerges in society.

This is a good message the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is sending. You never know if the person you are robbing will be armed and put a couple of caps in your ass.

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