Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bigfoot in the trees

I guess when you live out in the boonies entertainment might be hard to find. So when you see something unusual in the trees, it is worth talking about.

An orangutan sighting has Baker County residents going ape, and now Fish and Wildlife officials are hoping to lure the animal out of the trees using a secret weapon: doughnuts.

Although the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission can't confirm it was an ape, some people reported seeing a "big orange ball of fur," said Karen Parker, Fish and Wildlife spokeswoman. Some think it's just a spider monkey or a squirrel. Others are seriously investigating whether it was a "baby Bigfoot."

One thing is for sure, the animal is still on the loose and it apparently has a hunger for jelly doughnuts. Story Here.

Beefing up security might be needed at places where said delights are baked.

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