Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Pimping

TechniGirl is back after a lengthy hiatus. Drop by and catch up on some science wizardry and neat gadgets.

Aprilwine in the Pokey? Say it isn't so! Prison stripes are a no - no.

RT is filling in for the the Gunslinger over at Support Your Local Gunfighter. It seems Wyatt took some male bonding time and is creating HUGE divots on the Links. It reminds me of Happy Gilmour; a hockey player golfing.

The British Bird is lost in Lib Land and met her first MASS hole.

SkyWritings has won the Thinking Blogger Award and her Blog is simply a treat to read. Stop by and say "Howdy Red"; On second thought, no, don't do that. Just read and enjoy this lady's Blog. If I had an Award for her it would be; "Man; can she write or what"? This is why, I have never been given the opportunity to name an Award.

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