Thursday, September 27, 2007

Losing Teeth

At this rate the tooth fairy will go broke.

Two today and for a total of 4 in the last two months.

I could only find one of them.


  1. Hiya..*smiles
    I just added some poetry inspired by my day.

    I have chosen to ignore the off hand comments. Its better that way.
    My colleage hissed gently in some enamoured earhole "I wouldnt upset the little English woman, her husband has military paraphenalia!" I just about cried laughing.
    Yeah, I have has more than a few things go more than bump over the years, just something else I have learned to live with. :-)

  2. My thirteen year olds teeth came out at such a steady rate, I wondered if she had more in her head than normal!
    She made out like a bandit, mainly because a couple of times "The Tooth Fairy" was late...

  3. I assume they are not YOUR teeth that you are referring to. Awesome pic! I always loved the kid's pictures in elementary school when they are missing their teeth.

  4. Bird:
    Great poetry Bird, And it looks likes you got people taking care of you at work too.

    Great tooth story too and our tooth fairy was late also. LATE = Big Bucks.

    Mrs. Grim:
    I am charmed that you think my chin would that lean. I love the pictures of the toothless ones in school yearbooks too.


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