Saturday, August 04, 2007

Where to start today? Tortured animals and sex.

Here we go;

Some things you read are unbelievable.
  • Investigators said the tape shows a toad, lizards and a parakeet being nailed to a board, stabbed and decapitated while the couple was having sex. "They pinned the animals to the board, like a chopping board," Sgt. Robert Smith of the Bradford County Sheriff's Office told the Palatka Daily News.
  • "They would then take the blood from the animal and place it on this doll. They would take straight pins and stick into the Voodoo doll with blood on it."Smith said the Clay County Sheriff's Office, where the Farrells now live, was conducting its own investigation after obtaining the video. The Farrells lived in Bradford County when the videotape was made, so the animal cruelty charges will be prosecuted there. (Source.)

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