Saturday, August 04, 2007

We are just bending over backwards . . .

We are just bending over backwards so convicted murderers get to go out of this world without a painful ending. (Yeah; I know it is in the Constitution. Was it in the Constitution for the victim?) How many victims of the convicted murderers received a painless or merciful ending?
  • TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Florida will train execution teams better and will require some members to be medical professionals in an attempt to avoid repeats of a botched December execution, according to documents made public Friday.
  • The changes are the second the state has made since it took 34 minutes -- twice as long as normal -- for a lethal injection to kill convicted murderer Angel Diaz, 55. An autopsy showed needles had been pushed through his veins into the flesh of his arms, reducing the effectiveness of the three chemicals used in executions.
  • Executions were banned in Florida after Diaz's death.
  • Crist lifted the moratorium last month when he signed a death warrant for Mark Dean Schwab, 38. Schwab kidnapped, raped and killed an 11-year-old boy in Brevard County. Schwab's execution is set for Nov. 15. (Source.)
  • I am so tired hearing about poor Angel Diaz and his execution. If he had not been a scumbag criminal (even in Puerto Rico) he would have not have been place on the gurney where he died.

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