Friday, August 17, 2007

Officer Down.

Hillsborough Deputy Fatally Shot In Patrol Car.

BRANDON, Fla. -- A Hillsborough County sheriff's deputy was fatally shot in his patrol car early Wednesday by a man who then barricaded himself in a house and was killed by SWAT officers, authorities said. (Source.)

Deputies who found the man barricaded in the house determined that he had been involved in Harrison's shooting, Gee said. He was later identified as Michael Allen Phillips, 24.

About 200 miles away, Broward County sheriff's Sgt. Chris Reyka, 51, was fatally shot Friday while looking for stolen vehicles at a drug store in Pompano Beach. The suspect, who got out of a white car and fired at least five shots at the deputy, is still being sought.

On Aug. 6, a motorcyclist shot off-duty Broward County deputy Maury Hernandez after being pulled over in a traffic stop. The suspect was arrested moments later at a nearby condominium. Hernandez, 28, remains hospitalized in critical condition.

It is very hard to read about the brave Officers of Law Enforcement who are murdered or shot just for doing their jobs and keeping people safe. My prayers and thoughts are with them all as well as the families.


  1. Yes, it is. A good portion of those nutcases that end up barricading themselves in, or on highspeed chases, have a deathwish anyways, and suicide by cop is pretty common.

    Unfortunately, the sicko usual ends up taking out an officer, or bystander before they can be put down.

  2. I agree. I like to keep up on these heart breaking stories. Keeps me grounded on what is important.


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