Monday, June 25, 2007

Who is going to pay for the 380 murderers on Death Row?


These guys are insane and only care about the murderers.

What about the Victims?

It is very easy for FADP to worry about the poor murderer who has just had his death warrant signed. How do they plan on paying for the murdering bastard and his time in a maximum security facility? Convicted inmates are leeches and a huge drain on money that the state should spend elsewhere (anywhere else)? Hurricane relief would be nice. Murderers had a choice and they blew it. I do not want to pay for it. I have no choice in it. Money in the form of taxes go to keep the convicted murderer in a place where all his/her needs are provided. They have access to layers and the judicial process. Again; who is paying for the appeals?

The system will go bankrupt unless the FADP and others can stop murder and crime. It is an impossible problem that will not go away. Until then they expect everyone to pay to house these monsters of humanity.

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